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Association of Fashion Designers (AFAD) - Kenya

Contactperson    Hellen Auma
Position    Secretariat
Telephone    +254 701 811 419

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The Kenyan Fashion Designers Association is a Nairobi based Non-Political, Non-partisan, inter-Religious affiliated Social Welfare, and Investment Organization committed to foster solidarity among its members, to empower them and to work towards the promotion/uplifting of their socio-economic welfare as a whole under the auspices of society’s and Registration of Business Acts.
About us
The Association of Fashion Designers of Kenya (AFADK) is a non profit organization and a registered body with the Societies Act No. 330213. It is governed by a Constitution and a Board of Directors.
Founded on the premise of promoting, nurturing and representing the best of fashion design in Kenya, AFADK is a body that networks and represents professional interests of the Kenyan design community, creating a meaningful interface between design professionals, people as users, the industry education institutions and the policy makers.
As an apex body for the fashion industry, AFADK intends to be the nodal point for activities with the government and to work closely with various Ministries, such as The Ministry of Trade, Culture and Heritage. We also work closely with other Associations and Organizations such as KEPSA, ACTIF , BAF and Brand Kenya, with the one aim of supporting the initiatives and facilitating international trade.
AFADK plays an important role in developing marketing strategies, setting standards and providing tangible value for its members. As a Body, AFADK weaves designers from various counties, cities and towns of Kenya into one cohesive body representing both established and emerging designers. It plays an important role in guiding the industry towards its goal of sustainable growth.
In the process of taking Kenyan Fashion to Global level, AFADK advises and assists fashion designers, retailers, models, make-up artists, hair stylists, choreographers and manufacturers in raising professional standards and improving business practices while creating domestic, regional and international opportunities. It works at creating mutually beneficial networks with similar councils in international fashion destinations and also with business worldwide.
AFADK is instrumental in facilitating designer corporate networks, aimed at expanding the fashion market in the country and continues to make earnest endeavors to accelerate its efforts to ensure that Kenyan fashion creates a larger global imprint. With the undying support of the members, patrons and well wishers, including the national and international media, AFADK beckons a brighter future.
“To be the nation’s most inclusive body representing professional designers, design students and design businesses from the fashion designers disciplines, sharing a common interest to raise professional standards, expand opportunities and nurture leaders in design.”
“To promote best practices in the profession of design in Kenya by strengthening and promoting the capabilities of the Kenyan profession, as well as amplifying and representing a unified voice to influence public policy, shape the industry and engage the public.”
Categories Of Membership.

Professional Membership.

It is divided into two categories:

Members should be professionally qualified in the field. They can be from any design educational institute from anywhere in the world.
Practicing designers for a minimum of five years can apply to become professional.

It is available to any person of Kenyan origin or permanent resident of the republic of Kenyan who has at least studied design in fashion or any other related design discipline. Must have had an appropriate experience of at least 3 years and whose primary professional responsibility as a practitioner or educator is design of products or any other related design services.
One voting right (non-transferable)

Affiliate Membership
It is available to any individual not eligible for other forms of membership yet they are related to the design field, serving the design industry, non- designers working for design firms or corporations, design managers, trade members, vendors, model makers, media people, skilled artisans.
(No voting right)

Individual Student Membership
It’s available to Kenyans attending any college or university in the world that is a recognized institution of design. Once applied for, membership will be reviewed by an evaluation committee.
(No voting right)

Co-orporate Membership
Co-orporate is available to any company based in Kenya. It can be a manufacturing, service, marketing, or a design organization and must be actively engaged in the use of design services towards design of products, services, equipment, packages, transportation, environmental, information systems, communication systems, research or related design services. The membership application will be reviewed by an evaluation committee and membership will be granted on its acceptance and payment of membership fee as per category.
One voting right (non-transferrable)

Institution Membership
It is available to any design or related educational Institution based in Kenya.
Membership allows accreditation by the Ministry of Education in Kenya. Membership will be granted on its acceptance and payment of membership fees as per category.
One voting right (non-transferable)

Life Membership
Not open for membership at the moment but once it is activated it will be available for any individual professional or affiliate member who has been a professional or affiliate member of AFAD (K) for at least three consecutive terms and has paid the appropriate one time membership fee for the category.

Honorary Membership
It is granted to members who by their professional standards and behaviors have demonstrated their existence in their respective design field or related fields. Candidates must at least be nominated by 3 members of the committee for consideration. The committee may propose a designer outside the association whom they feel has made a significant contribution to the design industry in Kenya. They are entitled to use AFAD (K) after their names.
One voting right (non-transferable)

Donor Membership
It is granted to members who have financially supported AFAD (K). They will be evaluated for their appropriateness and value support.
(No voting right)

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