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Tanzania Cotton Board

Contactperson    Gabriel P. T. Mwalo
Position    Director General
Telephone    00255-222122564

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Tanzania Cotton Board (TCB) is a parastatal organization which was formed in 2001 and came into operations in July 2004.The operations of the Board are governed by the Cotton Industry Act No.2 of 2001 ("the Act"). The Cotton Board is empowered by the Act to carry out regulatory functions and such other activities necessary, advantageous or proper for the benefit of the cotton industry. It can also advice the Government on the policies and strategies for the development of the cotton industry and regulates and controls the quality of cotton and cotton by-products. The activities of the Board are funded by three major sources of income; which are the Government Subventions, Internal Revenue from rental on investment property, and contributions from cotton stakeholders through the Cotton Development Trust funds (CDTF) and the Tanzania Gatsby Trust fund (TGT). The regulatory activities of the Board are 100% funded by the Government. The Cotton Board is managed by the Board of Directors whose functions, among others are, control ownership of the assets and the ability to borrow. The tenure of the Board of Directors is three years.
To promote cotton production, improve quality and enhance the competitiveness of Tanzania Cotton.
To improve the production, productivity and profitability of cotton by maximizing the compliance to rules and regulations that safeguard the quality of cotton sold both locally and abroad; by providing effective and efficient services to cotton stakeholders; by enhancing strong stakeholder relationships in order to boost self regulation and promoting the production, processing and consumption
Core Values
- Wealth creation
- Creation of industrial linkages
- Sustainability
- Professionalism
- Innovation and creativity

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