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Core ACTIF Services

Advocacy Activities

Addressing policy issues impacting regional trade and International Trade

ACTIF plays a lead role in championing advocacy issues on behalf of the Cotton, Textile & Apparel sectors in Africa to promote a favorable policy environment regionally and internationally. These include engagement with regional economic blocs (EAC, SADC and COMESA), engagement with US Government under AGOA, engagement with EU under European Partnership Agreements and engagement with China.

Enhancing Competitiveness

Promoting knowledge transfer, New Investment, technology uprades

ACTIF in partnership with various development partners and national association, often organizes capacity building activities nationally or regionally to improve the competitiveness of the sector. Some of the key subject areas covered include: risk management, optimization of production, quality enhancement, international trade, Sourcing trends among others.

ACTIF is also at the fore front of promoting investment across the cotton value chain as well as knowldge and technology transfer to strenthen the regional competitiveness.

Trade Linkages

Promoting a regional supply chain, B2B activities, developingtrade linkages with key markets including USA, EU, India, China....

Promoting trade linkages is one of the key services offered by ACTIF. This is done through various avenues including: Online Trade link at our website –, organizing B2B activities, linking companies with regional and international buyers on sourcing missions, among others.

ACTIF organizes annual trade events under the brand of Origin Africa. This is an ongoing effort dedicated to improving African Cotton, Textile and Apparel trade. It involves collaboration with producers across the cotton value chain from farm to fashion including accessories suppliers to develop, guide and promote African trade. Key components of the event include: Trade Expo, Investment forum, B2B activities, Seminar Series and Designer showcase.

Information Service

Exchange of information, Sharing of market data, country profiles

ACTIF’s website is our primary portal for sharing information with our members. This includes supply side reports, demand side reports, country focus reports and other policy documents. A new member section has also been created where members can share information directly with each.

Regional stakeholders meetings are also organized to faciliate sharing of country information and best practices.


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