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Vision, Mission And Values

ACTIF is a regional trade body formed in June 2005 by the cotton, textile and apparel sectors from across sub-Saharan Africa to create a unified and recognized voice in both regional and global trade affairs. ACTIF’s mandate is to bring the disparate needs of the cotton, textile and apparel sectors into cohesive and consensus driven positions at regional and international trade and development forums.

ACTIF’s role as the voice of the African Farmer to Fashion value chain continues to grow and ACTIF is well recognized nationally, regionally and internationally. 

Our Vision is that of an integrated cotton, textile and apparel industry that effectively competes on the world market.

Our Mission is to develop and deliver services that enhance our Members competitiveness in the world market.

Primary Activities include:

  •    Lobbying for Beneficial Trade Arrangements
  •    Facilitating Trade
  •    Encouraging Investment
  •    Showcasing  African cotton, textile & apparel via our Origin  Africa brand.





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